Primers of the Moment 

I’m currently having a dalliance with two primers. Both amazing in their own way, both high quality, luxury products and therefore both with a pretty hefty price tag…! But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The first up on the list was bought on a bit of a whim. I had a voucher for Space NK that was of course, burning a hole in my cute little leopard print purse so I decided to have a bit of a splurge. As a result of that, I walked away with the Hourglass veil mineral primer. With a shot of SPF 15, I justified that technically, I was actually walking away with two products… Winner! Now this is the sort of primer that won’t necessarily give you that J-LO-eqsue glow, but it evens out the skintone, blemishes and all my other facial flaws like no other primer I have tried. I don’t have the best skin out there but on my first outing with it underneath my foundation, my Mom complimented me on how well it looked and what had I done differently. Queue Mother heading straight to Space NK… The Veil primer is oil free, giving my oil-prone skin a lovely, matte yet soft and natural look to it. I would be tempted to say if you have skin that’s on the dry side, you may want to steer clear, however after seeing this on my Mom’s mature, dry skin, I think it might actually be a winner for all skin types! Yes, I did just say winner twice in one paragraph.

Next up is from the much talked about brand, BECCA with their Backlight Priming Filter. Now THIS is what you want to grab if you’re after that, “Yes I did just spend the weekend at bootcamp in Ibiza eating kale and spinach whilst tanning in my downtime” J-LO-esque glow. Swatched on to the skin, it gives a gorgeous, pearlescent radiance. I’d go as far as to say that, if your skin is in pretty good nick, you could pop down the shops with just this on your face. However, for people like me who aren’t too comfortable facing the world totally barefaced, you might still want to add your usual base on top. But know that when you do, you will look like a glowing, radiant angel. Because let’s be honest, that’s what we all aspire to look like. Right?!

 Both products are available in the UK from Space NK.



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