Another Day, Another Haul

Ok, ok, I know… I did a post just over a week ago about a recent Zara shopping spree. But since payday had come my way, the shops were a’calling once more so I just had to tell you all about it ASAP.

The Boots
Despite the miniature-shopaholic-devil on my shoulder, I managed to put down the 99 things I picked up in Zara and bought just the one. A pair of 90s style, Cher from Clueless (my hero) inspired, faux suede thigh high boots. Gosh, that was a mouthful. I was a bit unsure about these to begin with, not sure how much wear I’d get out of them an’ all that. But I tried them on with a black mini skirt and also a pair of black jeans and my inner 90s babe came out and headed straight for the queue to checkout. Compared to other over the knee boots I’ve seen in this style, they were quite reasonably priced, although this is probably due to the fact that they aren’t genuine leather, but I’ll be happy if they just last me through this year’s cold snap. Complete with a cute little block heel and squared-off toe, I can’t wait to wear these with a little dress once winter hits good and proper.

The Dress
I initially spotted this on Caroline Flack’s Instagram which is actually what sparked off this whole haul and sent me flying for the shops. And I was SO happy that she listed where it was from because I knew I had to have it. Long sleeved, high rounded neck with splits up both sides of the long-length, I bought this in the same colour-way as Caroline’s, although unfortunately I can’t find a link to this exact one online (her post probably sent their website in to overdrive). However, the good news is they do seem to do a very similar style in different patterns and colours so go check them out here and here for a further look. Or you might just get lucky down your local H&M…

The Long-Sleeved Top
I actually only picked this one up to try underneath a strappy dress, but ended up liking the top more. Cropped with long sleeves and a funnel neck, this doesn’t actually come up too short on me so if I’m feeling brave I might wear it with some high waisted jeans and a leather jacket.

The Short-Sleeved Top
Unfortunately, I can’t find the link to this exact t-shirt online (does anyone else dislike the H&M website as much as me?!) but I’ve linked to the same style tee above. For absolutely no reason at all other than impulse, I walked by this on the way to the till and thought it was super cute in a tomboyish kind of way. I never feel like I own enough t-shirts, and with the bright tomato-red trim around the collar and sleeves to brighten this up, I thought it might look nice with just a pair of jeans and Converse on a Saturday afternoon… When I’ll most likely be trailing round the shops once more…

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