Top 5: Autumn/Winter Scents

 I’m such a perfume-lover and don’t feel as though any outfit is complete without a few spritzes of my favourite scent. I view them as accessories like a lip colour or jewellery; each one compliments an outfit in a different way.

I’ll be the first to say that talking about perfumes probably isn’t my strong suit (how do you describe them other than light & fresh/dark & sexy?!) but I’m going to give it a go here today and have listed my top 5 Autumn/Winter faves for you…

  1. I’ll begin with the lightest of the 5, Chloé‘s original ‘Eau de Parfum‘. I’ve liked this since the moment I smelt it years ago. Unlike some other light perfumes that I find too floral or sweet, this one has a hint of sophistication and class about it and I never get bored of wearing it. Since it’s perfect for daytime/work wear, I picked this up in one of their miniature roller-balls available in Sephora so I can keep it with me on the go.
  2. This is my absolute, all time, number 1 favourite. Another one from Chloé (yes, I’m a fan of practically everything they do), their ‘Love, Chloé‘ Eau de Parfum. This probably won’t mean much to you if you don’t know me personally, but I feel as though this is me in a bottle. The scent comes up soft and feminine on me and with a hint of talc and rice powder notes added to it, feels luxuriously warm. I find this works perfectly for day or night and think this will always be my signature scent.
  3. An old, old favourite, (I’m pretty sure my Mom wore this in the 90s), it’s Jean Paul Gaultier‘s ‘Classique‘. To me, this is THE ultimate sexy scent. I don’t know if it’s the womanly shape of the bottle that casts these thoughts, but whenever I wear it, it seems to ramp up my confidence and makes me feel oh, so feminine. Deep yet subtly sweet, I’d usually only wear this at night time. Probably with a sheer shirt or some other daring outfit… 
  4. Fourth on the list is Narciso Rodriquez‘s ‘For Her‘. Another deep and sensual scent, it has a warm, musky feel to it. Spray this on you a couple of times and I promise it won’t budge all day long. Oh, so sexy. Oh, so feminine. Can you sense a theme here?
  5. A relatively new addition to my collection but I’m already in love. It’s Tom Ford‘s ‘Velvet Orchid‘. I think this will be my go-to perfume all winter long. This is definitely the strongest, sultriest of the list and is lavished with luxurious notes such as rum, honey, myrrh and suede all housed in a gorgeous violet coloured bottle in Tom Ford’s signature style and I feel extremely opulent when wearing it.


And that’s all folks. I think i’m probably set for life with all of these perfumes now…


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